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Welcome to WellnessProfs SAUNA-ENGINEERING

First of all, we would like to thank you that you may also want to include the experiences, solutions in products and services of WellnessProfs sauna engineering in your purchasing process.

Design studio:
WellnessProfs focuses on the design of well thought-out and contemporary sauna and wellness facilities in which the application of experience, together with technical and practical knowledge (engineering) and a large network of experts, results in unique sustainable wellness facilities with great attention to the reducing maintenance and cleaning hours. We make fantastic photo-realistic 3D designs so that you can actually see what you will get next. Of course also effective for your marketing! Saunas for intensive professional use are our speciality, but we also like to surprise you with steam baths, Hammams, Rhassoul rooms, Infrared light cabins, herbal temples, Caldaria, etc.

Construction supervision:
In principle, we do not realize your project ourselves. You can transfer the designs to any construction company of your choice. However, you can use our expertise in the form of construction supervision. How? That's entirely up to you. We can set up a quotation process to find the right construction party, we can be present during construction discussions, we can monitor the construction whether everything is going as agreed, we can be present with you at the completion(s).

Heating, ventilation and technology:
For new and existing saunas, we design, supply and maintain sauna heating systems fired by natural gas, electricity, logs and wood pellets. We supply and install infrared radiators for infrared cabins, and we are happy to provide all the necessary technology for steam baths. Ventilation is often an underestimated part of the current construction of sauna and wellness facilities.

We are happy to support you.

Sauna heating

PYRAMID (Piramide / pyramid sauna heater) 24 - 144 kW

The gas-heated PYRAMID (pyramid sauna heater) is still number 1 in the area of professionally and intensively used saunas in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. And that's no wonder. There is no safer and more efficient gas powered sauna heating system on our planet with such an extremely high yield. Hundreds of PYRAMID sauna stoves have been installed since 1987. Since 2014, WellnessProfs has sole representation rights for the one-off development and sale of the PYRAMID sauna stoves, advises and delivers to dealers, but also to installation companies, sauna builders and end customers for saunas, wellness resorts , Hotels, recreation centers, etc.

All sauna heaters are made to measure and a team of specialists works daily on design, safety, function and energy savings. Therefore, there is hardly an identical pyramid sauna heater. The technicians from the very beginning are still busy building our sauna heaters.

Installation, maintenance and assistance in the event of faults are the responsibility of our permanent partner PeRi-Duurzaam. So you can be sure that you will get help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from the experts who know the Pyramid heater exactly.

Sauna pellet stove 40 - 80 kW

Sauna heating by means of a sauna pellet stove is a new development in cooperation with PTH. (An experienced expert in the field of biomass combustion), SLH and with the Finnish Narvi as manufacturer. Contrary to the traditional wood-fired sauna heaters, the pellet sauna heater is fully automated and the thermostat controlled. Pellets are cylindrical particles of pressed biomass, which consist of cut wood or wood waste, such as sawdust and wood chips. The pellet sauna heater can currently be delivered as a 40 KW and 80 kW version (up to 125 cubic meters of sauna content). In combination with the BeQuem pellet stove, the system is a fully automatic sauna heater. The control unit and the 400-liter silo for the pellets are located outside the sauna itself. The fire is easily adjustable for an accurate and constant temperature. The handling is very easy. The consumption is about 5 kg pellets per hour (8.3 liters) at full power. Smaller silos are alternatively available.

Electric sauna heater 6 - 250 kW

Electrically heated sauna stoves are of course not to be neglected. For large consumers such as saunas and wellness resorts, electricity is becoming increasingly interesting (cheaper) and there are therefore more and more electrically heated sauna stoves. We are able to do more than enough electrical heating in the sauna, but that is not the challenge. An electrically heated sauna heater must also be set up for infusion saunas. The challenge is to limit the electrical network. Unlike in many neighboring countries, the Netherlands has mainly adjusted to natural gas. Now that we want to reduce, maybe even stop using fossil fuels, we are more interested in electricity and we are prepared for it. Whether your company is ready for this should be discussed well with the house installer, energy supplier or network operator beforehand.

The wood-heated sauna heater

Some people think that there is nothing better than a wood-burning sauna heater. In itself, that's the way it is. If you prefer a wood-fired sauna heater for your business, we can offer you some excellent wood-burning stoves, both indoor and outdoor. Of course, from the Finnish quality brand Narvi.

Lighting and sound

Fortunately, the traditional principles of saunas have been preserved, and they are still often made in this way and sometimes with minor changes. However, the sauna world is open to innovations in this world, which is called wellness today and where experiences are the focus. Not boring warm white wall lights, but colored LED lights (LED lines), ceiling lights in e.g. 'Bio saunas' that change color slowly, every minute. Not to speak of the sauna theater that is currently activated during sauna infusion and equipped with a complete DMX-controlled, programmed lighting, whereby the sauna master or show their show or a beautiful starry sky that sparkle in a steam bath or a herbal temple. Trendy is a translucent salt stone wall lighting.

Not only has mood lighting ultimately become more important, the quality requirements for audio reception in the facilities have also increased enormously. Weatherproof (water-) loudspeaker systems for wet areas, heat and condensation resistant loudspeakers in saunas, heavy installations with powerful subwoofers in the event sauna

The standard offers of LED lights and audio accessories are not suitable for high air humidity and certainly not for permanently high sauna temperatures. And a loudspeaker installed under the seat works, but whether it will still give off a professional sound after some time is doubtful. Together with a number of specialists, WellnessProfs has worked on programmable lighting and sound systems that can withstand the extremely harsh conditions. We buy a wide variety of components, change or combine them, and use them to create a custom-made installation that responds to the high levels of humidity (100% steam bath) and the high levels Withstands temperatures (95 ° C).

Special effects

Special effects in the wellness area, who would have thought that. We would have been declared crazy 20 years ago, but now the wellness customer wants more and more experience and Disney effects. Smoke in theater saunas, waterfalls, wind, rain, fog, fire, and complete light shows in sauna grottos. In cooperation with experts in the field of lighting, sound reinforcement and technology, we create particularly beautiful effects in the wellness accommodation. Where and when does it end? No idea, we are happy to do everything possible to make something unique out of every project.
In the video you can see the sauna adventure grotto Sauna Heuvelrug in Veenendaal in the last construction phase. Unfortunately, the pictures are not really professional, we are involved in the work. This was built by specialists under the responsibility of Stijlvol Wellness. It shows you what we mean by special effects. But there are still endless possibilities….

No human is limited!

These are the words of Eliud Kipchoge, who ran the marathon (more than 42 km) within two hours. These words and efforts fit perfectly with our philosophy. If we stick to old traditions such as the Finnish sauna building, the construction of the former Roman baths or the hammam, the wellness world will not change and there will be little distinctive character. We have already proven that the desired heat radiation and heat buffering in a sauna can come from more materials than just walls and ceilings made from wood. A good example of this are some saunas from the Berendonck thermal baths, in which materials selected by WellnessProfs, such as hemp and lime, were used for an extremely pleasant and functional sauna climate. Through intensive cooperation with experts in the field of building with natural materials and ultimately stylish wellness as a sauna builder, after a few months of engineering, a new, unique product for sauna construction was created, which was first used in Thermen Berendonck. Can we work out your plans for your future?